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Film Making Contest

- Grameen Sneh Foundation invites entries for Documentaries / Short Films from Filmmakers/Freelancers on Cancer Awareness and/or motivation .

- Subject being Breast Cancer|Lung Cancer|Cervical Cancer | Anti Tobacco and so on.

- Selected movies will be screened at Bodhisattva International Film Festival 2017 i.e Bihar's First Largest International Film Festival to be held from 16th to 23rd February 2017 at Adhiveshan Bhawan,Patna,India

- Help guide : For making  Documentaries / Short Films, if there is need of bites from Cancer survivors & warriors then one can refer to Hausla Support Group which is India's largest Cancer Survivor Support Group.

 Know more about  Bodhisattva International Film Festival 2017  CLICK HERE

 Know more about Hausla Support Group   CLICK HERE

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