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 Ms. Manisha Koirala with other dignitaries  inaugurating the lamp of HAUSLA 2015  


HAUSLA is a national move against cancer initiated by Grameen Sneh Foundation (GSF) .HAUSLA motivates Cancer patients and survivors and is a sustainable and informative campaign against cancer. In HAUSLA people are awared of various know abouts and ways How to prevent Cancer. HAUSLA is the first to provide a Counselling Forum in which people are counseled about several ways to reduce the risk of getting cancer for the people and to give and strengthen the cancer patients to Fight against Cancer . HAUSLA supports cancer survivors emotionally ,physically and mentally. Cancer patient's Mind, Body and Soul as a whole is emphasized in HAUSLA..Being the largest cancer survivors support group of India we require support from you in Fighting the dreadful disease.Lets join hands to eliminate Cancer from the Society and to make this society Disease free and healthy.

GSF has organized HAUSLA in various locations across the country including Patna ,Delhi,Mumbai, Odisha in the years 2015 and 2016 respectively.This year GSF is organizing HAUSLA 2017-Fight Against Cancer at Kedarnath Sahni Auditorium, C Block , Minto Road, New Delhi, India  on Saturday , 2nd September 2017
A huge number of Honorable Dignitaries & Guests ,Doctors from different Hospitals / Institutions shall participate in HAUSLA 2017 . In this programme Cancer Survivors ,Doctors, Writers and Different stakeholders shall also participate.
The Programme will include a schedule of numerous activities like

  • Mr. & Mrs. Hausla 2017 - Finale

  • Theatre Act by Cancer Survivors

  • Fashion show by Cancer Survivors

  • Interaction of Dignitaries with Cancer Survivors 

  • Tips to be Happy for Cancer Survivors

  • Awareness programme for attendants and cancer survivors

  • Display of Art ,Painting and other natural activities prepared by Cancer Survivors and many other activities

We invite all of you to be part of this initiative FIGHT AGAINST CANCER and give strength and motivation to others.          

 HAUSLA Quick Links 

Register yourself as a contestant for HAUSLA 2017 .

Lets join hands to eliminate Cancer from the Society & to make this society Disease free and healthy


Share a Motivational Story or Inspirational Video of yours and inspire others


With your support We are one step closer to aware the masses and stand in the Fight against Cancer


Motivational Play by survivors

A Motivational play is staged by Cancer Survivors

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