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Major Milestones - Grameen Sneh Foundation

​Major Milestones Achieved  by Grameen Sneh Foundation in the last 5 years. Although GSF was registered in 2009 and since then the major milestones achieved by Grameen Sneh Foundation are as follows: 

  • Nationwide Cancer Awareness Campaign (Cancer Awareness, Screening, Diagnostic Camps).

  • Project Hausla(A Platform for Cancer Survivors for bringing them back to Normal life and make them feel that they are equally important and no less than others).

  • Sneh Cancer Research, Early Detection and Counseling Centre in Galgalia, Kishanganj Bihar. ( State of the Art & First of its Kind Cancer Research Centre in India).

  • Bodhisattva International Film Festival (In which delegates from 35 countries participated).

  • Bihar; Ek Virasat (Further details can be had from

  • International Robotic Conference in Delhi in 2019 (In which delegates from 21 countries participated).

  • Kala & Film Mahotsav( Carried out every year under Bihar EkVirasat).

  • Sneh Health & Wellness Centre(s).

  • Skill Training Programme in Odisha(In which more than 240 students were trained in different skill trades and were given employment).

  • Longest Cyclothon(Longest Cyclothon in India for which GSF was awarded by Limca Book of Records.

  • During natural calamities such as Patna Flood 2019, Covid 19, GSF has provided Dry ration for more than 17000 families, awareness and provided medical equipment’s to various Govt and private health institutions in various parts of country.

Expected Outcomes

  • Mass awareness about Cancer prevention amongst the people of Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, J&K, Maharashtra and West Bengal. 

  • Mass Cancer detection campaign amongst women of rural masses in these states i.e. more than 10 Crores coverage.

  • Large number of cancer patient benefited through cancer awareness and detection camp, cancer detection centre, mobile cancer detection van and many more activities. 

  • Lot of people life can be save as around 70% Cancer can be cured, if it detected in early stage. 

  • Lot of people life can be made easy even in case of incurable cancer and to the certain extent long.

  • Save the out of pocket expenses on health particularly due to Cancer disease, as its treatment is very expensive.

  • Save the man day due to its treatment required longer time.

  • Provide livelihood to the youth with special focus on needy and marginalized population.

  • Promote skill education for young India with special focus on rural youth.

  • Promote art and culture

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