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President's Story - Fight Against Cancer

My name is Sneha Routray and I would like to share my story.During 2014,It was great moment for our family when we had gone with my husband and Daughter ,to see beautiful Flora and fauna of beautiful countries like Mauritius and Madagaskar.Like a loving and charming family we enjoyed the trip.Once we got back home,within a few days I felt lump on my right upper breast.I took it very casually as if nothing serious had happened and that it would subside soon.But then reluctantly ,I shared the same with my huband after a while.He was the one who always believe and take early and speedy action for any kind of medical issues.My husband had privilege to work in Ministry of Health and Family Welfare ,Govt . of India at that time.Hence he has the information about such kind of abnormal growth of tissues so we went for the inital check-up.
As directed by our doctor ,we immediately went for a Biopsy test on the 24th of July 2014.We waited anxiously but patiently .And when the report arrived ,it was a positive.It was reported that I am suffering from Breast Cancer.My heart dropped.
It was totally unacceptable for me since I was fit as a fiddle and there were no symptoms of any sickness just days before.We both were in back seat and our bodyguard along with the driver in the front seat of our car.All of us were at a complete loss of words.At that point of time ,both of us were shell shocked.We sat speechless through the entire journey back home.Although there were so many things to discuss,but for the first time we felt like we needed to hide something from our ever transparent social lives.We just held each others hands and cried silently.The moment just seeemed timeless.We just did not want to discuss about this diagnosis with anyone ,specific  or in particular.A drooping melange of anxiety ,fear and the future had struck our lives hard,all at the same time .These were our testing times.
After several nervous discussions we immediately went off to Mumbai for surgery.The surgery took place on the 3rd of July at Soumaya Ayurvihar by a senior Oncologist.Before the surgery we went to Sai Baba temple and with a heavy heart I prayed for a peaceful and healthy life ahead or else to grant me a peaceful death during the operation itself.My state of mind was in complete delirium .While entering inside the operation theatre I was really ,really scared and simultaneously a myriad of thoughts ,of all kinds ,were crossing my mind.I forgave everyone who had tried to hurt me ;I confessed to God for every single mistake I had made.I thought I was going to die. Scores of faces I knew though my lifetime were flashing across my eyes.I remembered my grandfather and grandmother's face.
It was about time.The operation took place for 5 long hours and the deadly lump was finally removed successfully .Though it was difficult for me we felt very relaxed after removal of the Lump.It was Ductal Carcinoma.To our extreme relief it was initial stage.The same has been sent for test to check whether it was micro invasive or not.My entire family including my brother,sister,parents,parents in law,brother in law became the bystanding source of strength for me.

Mrs. Sneha Routray
President,Grameen Sneh Foundation
Founder,Design Aspect

All of us were still in tension because on the basis of the reports,Chemo and Radiation schedule was yet to be decided.I was not prepared and rather too scared for Chemo because till that time I read many articles and was well aware of it being a very painful activity.Finally we got the report and my doctor advised me to go for Chemo Therapy and Target therapy.He referred me to a very senior Oncologist whose counselling worked wonders for me .I saw many videos of Yuvraj Singh on You Tube , Read several articles on Cancer.The more knowledge I gained , the less fear I felt to fight against Cancer.
That time , my sweet and lovely daughter ,Kinjal was just 5 years old.She was so disturbed with all this in background that her studies were getting affected to no end. Her parents were not with her during these days.I am lucky to have such a wonderful child in Kinjal because despite being totally unaware of what exactly Cancer is ,she could sense something wrong had happened to my mother.

Chemo Therapy was conducted successfully as my parents and my doctor were always there for me .I also overcame from the side effects of Chemo Therapy .Then we all realized early detection of Cancer can cure and life span also increases.I actually got a second life .I found many changes within myself in a good way.My inner soul is much beautiful than never before.
You know ,cancer changes your life,and often times for the better .What Cancer does is ,it forces you to focus,to prioritize and you learn what's important .I mean,I don't sweat the small stuff.I used to get angry at cab drivers.It's not worth it ...And when somebody says you have cancer,you realize it's all small stuff.And what I say is ,if it weren't for the downside,everyone would want to have it .But there is a downside.Then I came in touch with Dr. Meenu Walia under whom treatment was started.Since then I owe my life to her.
During Chemo ,you're more tired than you've ever been.It's like a cloud passing over the sun,and suddenly you're out .you don't know how you'll answer the door when your groceries are delivered .But you also find that you're stronger than you've ever been.You're clear.Your mortality is at optimal distance,not up so close that it obscures everything else,but close enough to give you depth perception.
All shaken but now determined ,our organization Grameen Sneh Foundation was determined to have cancer awareness about Cancer related issues.In 2009 ,the Grameen Sneh Foundation had launched the Health,Education and Social related programme in different fields such as Health,Education early childhood education reform initiative in three states viz. Bihar,Odisha and Delhi-NCR in India.Seven years later,Foundation has developed into a network of individuals working to improve the lives of young children and families through a vibrant learning community active in national and state reform projects.Now the organization has been working in three states New Delhi-NCR,Odisha and Bihar in India.The organization is going to move all over India to make the healthy and disease free India.
Grameen Sneh Foundation's Cancer Awareness programme is dedicated to the entire cancer patients in India,to create a series of awareness regarding feeling of self care and palliative care for the protection and maintainence of healthy and disease free journey of life.Let's get together instigate and promote - a whole new -fangled sensational wave of awareness ,regarding prevention and better cure of cancer by making our beloved ones more aware and conscious about this dreadful bit curable disease.Our small effort can save someone's precious life .So friends,let's try and create a beautiful Cancer Awareness Programme to Fight against Cancer.
Now I want to spread this message to everybody .When I ask myself Why me, I get the answer it can happen with anybody and that it completely depends on the lifestyle we maintain .We just can take as an accident .Sometimes when I ask God why he gave me such disease the Answer I get is to get into the next level of Life.What is the next level then ?
Next level is ,When I conduct Cancer Awareness programmes and health Check up Camps in Rural Areas of Bihar sometimes more than 3000 people comes to get screened.A team of 25 to 30 people including Doctors and Volunteers help in conducting such Camps.In every camp we get 6 to 8 Cancer Detections.We try our level best to facilitate treatment for them.We found many women who are suffering from 3rd Stage of Cancer and not even aware of it. Supporting them in some way makes me proud.The happiness I get by doing this can't be described in words.That actually is the next level of life for me .
I met with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam sir once to invite him for a Cancer Awareness programme which was going to be held in October 2015.Unfortunately he left all of us .He blessed me by saying "Everybody has problem in different ways ,That may be Financially ,Socially or Physically .Defeat the problem and conquer .Everybody wants to take, that's why the whole world is suffering .You are giving to society so you are the happiest person.God is with you then who can be against.My blessings with you " on 8th June 2015.This was the most proud moment of my life.I am doing all these from my inner soul and will keep on serving the society till the end of my days.Doing such things heals my body and soul.I serve people and this is the path I have chosen to defeat in a way I can say that I was actually blessed by God with Cancer...It made me a better person with a brighter and broader perspective Now I take better care of myself and maintain healthy lifestyle.Realizing that I am the backbone of my family,I have decided to make myself stronger than ever.
So all my friends ,please Be strong, Be brave like me and tell yourself that Cancer is a curable disease.I know this disease gives a lot of pain and life changing negative thoughts but I faced this problem nicely which led to my life changing attitude and emotional feelings for sensibility about humanity for the rest of my life ahead.So as a Cancer model i firmly believe that we can make our way through any difficult ropeway by means of imparting happiness to life and to society...

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