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Road Show of Health and Wellness Festival 2016 held at Central Mall,Patna on 25th December 2015

To promote Health and Wellness Festival 2016 and to make people aware, Second ROAD Show of the event (Health and Wellness Festival 2016) was held at Patna Central Mall,Fraser Road,Patna on 25th December 2015.The event witnessed a huge audience. The team gathered at the spot and conducted activities like musicals including Guitar Play, Songs , Flash mobs and spread awareness about the importance of the topic along with inviting the masses to attend this event. 

In the road show there were singers and dancers who addressed the audiences spreading awareness and discussing the need for good health. The event also included Questions and Answers session in which many people were given attractive prizes on correct answer.There was a very good strength of audience who were interested in knowing more and attend the event.

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