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E-Symposium for Cancer Awareness & Prevention

Event Page : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Everybody knows the ‘Cancer” as a life threatening disease. The days have gone when the Cancer was incurable and the life of Cancer patient were very painful. Those days the cancer patient couldn’t survive even they were financially strong to bear the cost of treatment because of non-availability of cancer care facilities (test/detection/treatment etc.). ** But now a day, the situation is different. The continual research in the field of cancer care has made the life of cancer patient comparatively easy. But the treatment of the cancer needs a lot of money and the treatment period is very long and after treatment, the survivors needs to undergo so many periodical test and precautionary treatment which is highly expensive to afford to a common people. ** Grameen Sneh Foundation is urged for preventive measures related to Cancer Awareness and prevention so that people could be saved from the disease itself at Pre-stage and there is no point of such situations. Thus as apart of the Fight against Cancer Grameen Sneh Foundation presents E-Symposium on Cancer Awareness and Prevention to facilitate maximum awareness to the masses about Cancer and its knowabouts ,its ill effects and measures to prevent from it /Fight against it.

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