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8 possible signs of cancer that you just shouldn't ignore

Here's a disease that comes unannounced, is almost impossible to cure completely, and saps the life out of us slowly. Each and every one of us has seen someone, or know somebody, who has suffered from cancer. Humankind, as a whole, has borne the onslaught of cancer with a brave face.

But none of this takes away the pain this disease inflicts. So, it's very important to get cancer diagnosed early, and give it a good fight. To do that, you need to recognise the early symptoms, and get regular check-ups done.

Clear and visible tumours aren't the only symptoms cancer has; there are many others. You should also know that the symptoms vary, and in some cases, there are no symptoms. But the human body usually does give certain warnings, and you should know better than to neglect them.

Here are some possible signs of cancer, that most patients show during the early stages:

Unexplained weight loss Are you losing weight without trying a diet, or exercising? Now, don't go about feeling happy about it, or assume that your body is finally listening to your wish to be in shape without trying. This weight loss might happen because of depression or exhaustion, and small amounts of weight loss is fine. But if it happens too drastically and rapidly, get yourself checked today.

Body ache Pain is usually caused by so many things that we don't usually link it with cancer. If you are experiencing pain after working too much, it can simply mean that your body is telling you to slow down. Persistent pain is also associated with aging. But if you have unexplained, ongoing pain, or pain that comes and goes for more than 4 weeks, make an appointment to see your doctor.

Viral fever Fevers usually come with season changes, and most of us get them once or twice a year. But if your fever persists for a long period of time, or comes and goes as it pleases, then you do need to consult a doctor and dig a little deeper for the cause. APpersistent fever can signal towards forms of blood cancer.

Fatigue Getting tired is an everyday thing for most of us, thanks to our hectic schedules. But if the fatigue persists even after you get ample rest, it's a possible sign of cancer. You should get a thorough check-up done, because the bouts of fatigue may get worse as the cancer develops within your body.

Skin problems Our inner health is most often reflected in our skin quality. Everything from hormonal imbalance to indigestion shows up on our faces. But if you are getting rashes too frequently, or are experiencing unusual hair growth, you might have cancer developing internally in organs like lungs or the kidney.

Swelling or bloating It's quite common for women to experience bloating, especially when they have their period. But if the bloating is too drastic, and persists for three weeks or more, you might have a more serious problem on your hands. It could be uric acid-related issues, or thyroid. But cancer is also a huge possibility.

Blood in cough, pee or stool Coughs go hand-in-hand with common cold, but if you're spitting up blood as well, it's definitely a matter of deep concern. Blood in your pee can be caused due to a number of reasons, but it shouldn't go unchecked either. You might actually have piles if there's blood in your stool, but this could also be a sign of cancer.

Persistent heartburn or indigestion Had a few large meals? Heartburn and indigestion are natural results. But if you experience these symptoms frequently, or they turn painful, you definitely need to give the doctor a visit.

These symptoms should not be taken lightly, but there's also no need to panic unduly. Most of these symptoms are shared by other curable diseases. So, keep calm and just visit the doctor.

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