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Awareness by Mobile Van Camps

* Health of the rural people and their access to health facility is further compromised due to socio cultural, economical, and environmental factors. Nearly 72% of India's population stays in rural area. So the proportion of rural people is high. That is why there is need to know the problems associated with early detection of cancers in rural people. * The currently available evidence suggests that a shift towards early stages may be achieved at considerably lower costs by health education and improved awareness in its initial stage only * Considering the entire picture, Grameen Sneh Foundation took the initiative of introducing rural India to health awareness programmes and started Mobile Van Camps focussing in the rural areas . With the objective and aim of a healthy& disease free rural India. It aims to aware people of rural areas and make them know how to take proper care of their health. This programme is focused towards covering issues of personal health care, Cancer Awareness,Pre & post treatment and measures to be taken ,vaccination, hygiene, illness prevention etc...

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