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SNEH Mobile Application

* Grameen Sneh Foundation, is a national level NGO which works in various fields like Education, Art, Culture and Health but emphasizes and considers health as its primary concern. The foundation focuses and takes an initiative to eliminate Cancer from the Society and to make this society Disease free and Healthy 

*  Asking questions about your cancer care helps you become better informed and may help you cope with your diagnosis. Think about how much information you would like to know about your type of cancer, and let your doctor know your preferences.

*  Most of the people lack the knowledge and awareness that is the major reason they are not able to Fight against Cancer. Due to unawareness people come to know about Cancer  at later stage and that time it is very hard to resist and recover from the disease  and chances of cure are minimal. Thus it is important for one to be aware at very early stages and are properly diagnosed.

*  An Initiative by Grameen Sneh Foundation has been taken for the people to get more aware and prevent the disease for ruining their life through a mobile Application that is named as SNEH

*  Sneh is a user friendly Mobile application that will support and enhance Cancer patients and their Caregivers.

*  It will facilitate the people in various ways making them aware of the Symptoms, Know abouts of the ailment ,Interacting with the Doctors and Consult them by sitting at their homes.


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