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Health and Wellness Festival was organized at Adhiveshan Bhawan,Patna from 15th to 17 Jan 2016

Grameen Sneh Foundation organized Health and Wellness festival 2016 (First of its kind in India) in Adhiveshan Bhawan, Patna from 15-17 January, 2016. The theme of festivalwas Body, Mind and Soul which was discussed in each day separately. In this programme, not only promotive health care but components relating to health and wellness of life i.e. Art therapy, Healing Through Music, Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Happiness therapy, Theatre therapy, Laughter therapy, Hypnotherapy, Dream Analysis etc. were discussed in detail. In the programme Dignitaries ,Guests with more than 500 doctors, Cancer survivors, representatives from government, NGO,Media Persons etc. took part

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